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BS 8870: The Rebirth of HFS?

This post discusses BS 8870 the new British Standard for High Friction Surfacing (HFS). It also examines how the standard's introduction might bring about change from the BBA/HAPAS HFS scheme.

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Guidance on the Colour of High Friction Surfacing

The author discusses the appropriate colour that should be used for High Friction Surfacing (HFS). Calcined Bauxite comes in Grey & Buff. Frequently the stipulated colour is based on whatever the specifying engineer or authority is used to.

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On the Slippery Slope? High PSV Asphalt & HFS

This post examines the practice of replacing High Friction Surfacing (HFS) with High PSV Asphalt. The author explains why he believes that this is a flawed practice which will result in more skidding related accidents.

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